A Workshop for photographers
The CAPTURED Workshop is not just another one of those photography workshops. The purpose is to guide, grow and build yourself and  business and help you find your way in a saturated wedding photography industry. 

Its about creating a solid foundation on which your business can grow. from branding to editing, I cover all aspects in making a successful creative business but also allow you the freedom to create your own style and identity.

  • Find your purpose and develop your own voice and style
  • Build a brand through creating a unique persona to you brand and a definitive style
  • Connect with other photographer who are also trying to build their business, networking is the foundation to a strong industry. 
What People have to Say....

the workshop


Creating your own persona is the driving force to making a brand that is unique. A business is an extension of your self and should build itself on your strongest qualities and make provision for your lacking whilst still building your empire


There are many amazing tools available for creatives to use to both build their business up and create social awareness about your brand. These tools are amazing and create freedom for you to move and operate on the more important aspects of your business


Our industry is made stronger when we connect and interact with each other. Its out of these bonds that industry will blossom and a creative network of support can propel your business forward. 


Watch your business grow by applying everything you learn. See your confidence take new heights and how your clients will react to the new found breath. 

If you want to grow you have to invest into your business and this is the workshop for you! 


A photography business is a tricky thing to master. You have to be so many things in one. Photographer, administrator, designer, marketing manager, editor, accountant and of course the tea lady! 

CAPTURED is a workshop and creating a platform on which you can grow your own style and business. Its about getting to know yourself and building a business out of that, one that works for you and not you working for it. Because thats why you decided to be an entrepreneur isn't ? 
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What is the Workshop about? 

When I first started photography I found myself drowning in all the aspects of a photography business. Although so many tools to build up a business are so readily available and at one finger tips it seems impossible to know where to start. 

It took me four years to find my own voice in the onslaught of styles, modes, social media and all the pressures of being an entrepreneur. 
Once I formulated a plan of action I slowly saw myself rising out from under the bog and create my own unique space in my industry. 

My workshop is about helping others find their own unique voice and creating strong businesses that build not only our industry up but our own lives, business and styles. 

It's a three day event, come into my home lets chat, talk, and get to know each other over a good cup of coffee and some home cooked food, all the while learning, networking and building up your business from the beginning.

What is included?

My workshop includes...

-3 Full days covering each aspect of my own photography business. From creating your brand and own style, to gear, shooting, posing and creating the look you want. 
-3 home cooked meals by me
-lots of coffee from my amazing coffee machine. 
-one on one time to ask me your own questions
-a goodie bag 

Is there a styled shoot?

Although there is a small styled session included in the workshop, it is more for the purpose of teaching you how I shoot, pose and work with my clients. 

I believe that this is more important then creating "pretty portfolio" images for those who attend the workshop. 
You are most welcome to use these images in your portfolio and to promote your photography but I do not want you to come for this soul purpose. 

What is the cost? 

Its important to realise that a workshop is not an expense to your business, but an investment. What you put into your company and creative mind is what will build your style, confidence and business up. 

My full workshop is R6000.00 but I understand that is a lot of money and so I offer a payment plan to help everyone be able to attend the workshop.


20, 21, 22 Febuary 2018- Pretoria

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Do a One on One mentorship
A styled posing/photography know how session
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